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Report on Forum About Cheaters and Abusing Admin Rights.
You can get Help and Support For Any CS:S Issues You Have.
Thank You and Enjoy Playing on {E0!} Clan Server !!! 

Our Web Site: http://eoclan.us
Our Forum: http://eoclan.us/forum

{E0!} Clan Server #1 [100TIC|High FPS] -
{E0!} Clan Server #2 24/7 Stock Maps [33TIC|High FPS] -
{E0!} Clan Server #3 24/7 Deathmatch [33TIC|High FPS] -

{E0!} Administration made new rule on server: Now Admins Are Allowed to kick Public Players to Allow {E0!} Member to join server. We are sorry for inconvenience.
Please Read Rules below (Scroll Down) and Have A great day
Administration of {E0!}

Donations Are Welcome: 
Please donate to eo.css.clan@gmail.com - will keep our servers alive.
If any other kind of payment, please contact Clinton.

Server Rules For All Players:
1. Do Not Use Cheats of any kind
2. Do Not Spam, Flood, Mic. Flood, [Annoying Stuff]
3. No Pornographic Sprays
4. No Racism of any kind
5. Respect All Players AND Admins

For All Admins On The Server:
Do Not Abuse your Admin Rights
Do Not Change MAPS that you dont like* (Make a vote)
Do Not Ban or kick people without Specting them
You Must Respect All Players AND Admins Too
You Must Have Demo to ban someone
(If its speedhacks and aimbot No demo Needed)

Clan Leader:

{E0!} Clinton
{E0!} MarineMan
{E0!} Sam_xXx v0.1 [Beta]

Administrators (Full Admins):
{E0!} n1ghtsn1p3r
{E0!} Saint

{E0!} movingTarget
{E0!} Love
{E0!} sTRykeR
{E0!} Profit
{E0!} Menoxxx
{E0!} WINI
{E0!} cl_hax 0 #Colombian man
{E0!} Wheezy
{E0!} Greedy
{E0!} Failure
{E0!} 420
{E0!} rEHABillitation
{E0!} Deville
{E0!} Black Shinigami
{E0!} #7
{E0!} diabolical
{E0!} JoHnMuLLiNs
{E0!} Sipek
{E0!} BanGuns
{E0!} Mr. Fix It

(Note: All {E0!} Members has Administrative Rights, they are limited but has enough rights to ban you.)

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