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Two Guys Wanting To Get Drunk
ClintonDate: Wednesday, 2007-07-04, 12:33 PM | Message # 1
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Ok, there were two guys (Bob and Fred) sitting outside a local bar and wanting to get some drinks, but together, they only had $2.50. They were depressed, and suddenly Fred had an idea. "Ok Bob, I have an idea. We can go to the store, buy a sausage, and i will put it in my pants. When we go into the bar, we drink until the bartender asks us to pay, then I whip out the sausage and you suck it. The bartender will be so mad he will kick us out and not ask us to pay!!" Fred said. " I dont really know, kinda sounds fishy to me," Bob said, "but if it gets me drunk tonight, I dont see why not!"

So they went to their local Wal-Mart, bought a sausage, Fred put it in his pants, and went inside their first bar for the night. They ordered Henessey and Vodka until the Bartender told them that he wasnt going to serve them anymore drinks until they paid. Fred winked at Bob, and Bob winked back. Fred jumped on the bar table, whipeed out the sausage, and Bob began sucking it. Sure enough, the bar tender was so furious he kicked them both out of the bar without asking them to pay a dime.

"Dude wow! Lets go see how many more bars we can go to!" Fred said

So the two friends went to 7 more bars before they finally were as drunk as they wanted. "Oh man," Fred said,"I'm so hungry. I think I'm gonna eat that sausage." "What sausage?" Bob said. "The one we bought at Wal-Mart douche" Fred replied. Bob said, "Oh, my bad. I ate that 4 bars ago..."

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cachiporrinDate: Friday, 2007-07-06, 10:39 PM | Message # 2
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then you get this...
{E0!} Clan Forum » The Lounge » Humor » Two Guys Wanting To Get Drunk
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