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Intermediate/advanced Mapper
JrakeDate: Monday, 2007-10-08, 5:55 PM | Message # 1
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Hey guys, first of all, in the clan server my name is Mr.Jeeans (just to clarify who I am),
and secondly, i was curious if the clan would want another map added to the servers map directory.
I'm sure many of you have heard and seen a lot of crappy boring fy, de, cs or dm maps.
I have been using valve's mapping software (Valve Hammer)
for just over 2 years now and throughout that time span ive become quite good.
Incase any of you are wondering what "I can do" in terms of mapping, heres a list:

- Advanced Brush work
- Archs, spheres, curves, planes, etc.
- Func_detail

- Intermediate/Advanced at Entity work
- Logic timers
- Logic Gates
- Doors
- Elevators
- Sliding doors
- Triggered doors
- etc.

- Optimization
- Nodraw
- Area portals
- Hint/skip


I mostly focus on creating detailed maps that have a lot of player interaction involvement built in, such as
making the players complete a series of objectives, or allowing them to use a variety of things such as
turning on a light, using an elevator, opening a door requiring a pass code, etc.

If anyone is interested in wanting a new map for a change, perhaps even a survival map depending on
your opinions, please post a reply to this post.

Thank you =P,


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jpuiDate: Monday, 2007-10-08, 8:04 PM | Message # 2
Almighty Wise One
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Hey, I used to use the Valve Hammer editing Tool, and made 2 maps. I requested the 2 maps to be put into the server and after half a year and they haven't added it and they said they would.

Although those 2 were my first maps ever made, 1 was especially good and would really like to add to it (www.jpui.net/css/). I dunno if they will add more maps, unless you can actually persuade them to. If you do, wow. that would be great, and we can add the maps at the same time when your maps are uploaded.

Btw, can you do a tutorial on how to add elevators?


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Sam_xXxDate: Monday, 2007-10-08, 8:33 PM | Message # 3
Am Paranoia


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Jrake, hmmmm sounds sexy.........
If you realy good at it, yea we would love to have new maps.
Things is, are u active E0 Server player or you just advertise ?

CSIT = Counter Strike Intelligence™
JrakeDate: Monday, 2007-10-08, 9:17 PM | Message # 4
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To be honest, I'm sometimes on the server, about 2-3 times a week between 5-9 pm (Eastern Canada Time)
depending on the day, and for sure ill be on during the weekends, mostly on Saturday. Of all the servers out there
running on CS:S, the E0 server is my best choice. So, Yes, you can expect me to be on the server at least every other week
depending on personal matters.

Also, sure jpui, ill put up an elevator tutorial for you. If you don't mind, instead of typing it up on the forum, ill make a link to a .rar probably on filefront. That will not only have a tutorial document and the .vmf and .bsp files inside as well.

Well, hopefully the E0 clan administrators will accept my proposal.

Jpui, ill try to get the file uploaded on filefront A.S.A.P, probably by the end of tomorrow if not Thursday.



Sam_xXxDate: Tuesday, 2007-10-09, 0:50 AM | Message # 5
Am Paranoia


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Jrake, well nice...........i thought ur just advertising biggrin
anyway, since you are E0 Server Plyer, and its seems you like this community, would you mind makin one map for our server.
Something not dificult, something simple and good lookin, also i would like to see E0 name or tag on map.
If you could make that, i would really appreciate it.

Also if you play well at CS:S you could apply joining E0.

Last and Important thing:
We moved to new website and forum.[

This forum is going to be locked, (not disbaled, it ganna work as archive) we have some good threads here, so we cannot disable this forum.

Ive made tut. how to get program and get started mapping long time ago, you can chek it out here :
http://eoclan.us/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11 ..... New Forum
http://eo.ucoz.com/forum/9-49-1 ................. Old Forum

Ive neva tried mapping, and i dont want cose i dont have neurvs for it, also i suck at 3D..............
But I found out mapping is fun, if you can realy work on it.
Anyway, hope seen you in Server.

Best Regards

CSIT = Counter Strike Intelligence™
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