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CSS Techniques and Tricks...
XxXMrKubrickDate: Wednesday, 2007-10-03, 11:18 PM | Message # 1
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Just wondering, since I am kinda/sorta newb and just starting to become good at the game, if you guys had any suggestions for newbies, for getting good at the game... Such as maps you learned the most from, techniques and tricks you also know...

Some things I have to contribute.

1. I've learned that once you know the maps well, you become a much better player.
For example; in De_dust 2 there are many strong-holds you can stand at where your enemy will be killed very easily such as the tunnel in b on the stairwell ;)..

2. I've learned pressing crouch and jump at the same time will let you jump higher (durrr, easy one smile

3. Rushing very fast to enemy base can make for an unexpected attack if done at the right time, (and not done too many times!).

4. Being smart and thinking about where your enemy is going to be can also be another helpful trick...

5. O and for those of you newb-wallers out there, think about looking the the little map in the left corner of ur screen during game, it can be PRETTY MUCH THE SAME THING smile

I know these are simple ones, just ones that i've learned, but maybe you guys know some more advanced techniques....

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