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TeamSpeak is proprietary Voice over IP software that allows users to speak on a chat channel with other users, much like a telephone conference call. A TeamSpeak user will often wear a headset with an integrated microphone. Users use the TeamSpeak client software to connect to a TeamSpeak server of their choice, from there they can join chat channels.

For more information and to download Teamspeak, please visit http://www.goteamspeak.com

Our clan now has a teamspeak server in which you can chat with the other members of the clan if you have a microphone.Because we dont want foreign people joining our Teamspeak server and wasting precious bandwith, if you would like to join the Teamspeak server please message {E0!}Clinton for the IP address and login details.

Teamspeak, like X-Fire, is  required of our members to have, and it is highly recommended because it allows us to keep in touch during regular games, scrimmages, and clan wars.

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